About Rowbust

Rowbust Begins

In the spring of 2000, Dr. Annette Richard appeared in a newspaper article discussing the benefits of exercise and Breast Cancer survival. She encouraged Breast Cancer survivors to attend an information session and from that, Rowbust Dragon Boat Racing Team was born!

With incredible spirit, teamwork and perseverance, Rowbust is poised for success in each Dragon Boat Festival in which it participates while ever promoting increased awareness of Breast Cancer and celebrating the greatest gift on earth…. Life! Each survivor has faced their own “dragon”and has come away from the battle a much stronger and more enlightened person. This is not to say the journey is an easy one. The journeys may vary, but the outcome is the same, we take each moment and live it.

“Thank you, Dr. Annette Richard!”

How We All Began Dragon
Boating for Survivors

In 1995, Dr. Don McKenzie, sports medicine physician and exercise physiologist, was researching the issue of rehabilitation following diagnosis and treatment of Breast Cancer. He realized that widespread restrictions on exercise in relation to Breast Cancer amounted to little more than myth making and concluded that, since everyone’s health depends to some extent on regular activity, Breast Cancer survivors are no different.

Not only does regular exercise make us feel better, it also stimulates the endorphins to lift our spirits and improve our mental outlook. Dr. McKenzie determined that the sport of dragon boating would be ideal for women or men recovering from Breast Cancer.

Dragon boating for Breast Cancer Survivors celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2005. The sport has grown from one team in 1995 to over 150 worldwide in 2005.